All about Christopher Tamarez 

Christopher Tamarez 

Christopher Tamarez

DSL Yankees 

Name: Christopher Tamarez 

Born Oct 25, 1993 in Sabana Palanque, Dominican Republic 

Ht. : 6’2″ / Wt. : 170 lbs 

  1. Bats / R. Throws


The Dominican Summer League is one of the most exciting levels of minor league baseball. 

This 35-team league was founded in 1985 and has been the first gateway for many major league athletes. 

The New York Yankees play a 72-game schedule, which begins in June. They are one of four MLB teams that have two teams in the league – DSL 1 and DSL 2. 

Yankees fans have a bright future, as Brian Cashman and Co. are home to five promising prospects who are enjoying great seasons in professional baseball. 

These prospects are highlighted below. 

Christopher Tamarez

Christopher Tamarez
GCL Yankees 1 third baseman Christopher Tamarez (66) during a game against the GCL Tigers on July 22, 2013 at the Yankee Complex in Tampa, Florida. GCL Yankees defeated the GCL Tigers 6-4. (Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)

The Yankees will actively search for a shortstop after Derek Jeter, their legendary shortstop, retires in a few years. 

Although it’s too early to know, Christopher Tamarez is an excellent shortstop prospect for the Yankees. 

According To Ben Badler from Baseball America, Tamarez was signed by the Yankees to a $650,000 contract in 2010. Tamarez learned lessons from 2011 after a difficult first season at NYY2 and has since returned to the Yankees. 

Tamarez is proving to be a great player at the next level. 

Tamarez’s batting average is.367 (54-for-147) and includes four home runs as well as 21 RBI. Tamarez has 16 doubles and an OBP/SLG/OPS.420/.571/.991. 

This 18-year-old prospect, weighing in at 6’2″, 170-lb, has great potential. It will be fascinating to see where this young man goes. 

Jose Figueroa 

Jose Figueroa, Tamarez’s 19 year-old teammate, has been just as impressive for NYY1. Mexico’s 5’10” 170-lb outfield prospect has dominated DSL 1 pitching this season. 

Figueroa has a remarkable.385 average (42-for-109) and three homers. He also has 31 RBI. This is what you need to know! Figueroa also boasts 10 doubles and 10 triples as well as an OBP/SLG/OPS value of.485/.743/1.228. 

Can anyone say the future stud? 

Okay, it may be a bit early to call Figueroa the next great Yankees infielder. If you’re a Yankees fan, you can’t help but be excited about this kid. 

Jose Javier, NYY1, is a second baseman who adds excitement to the mix. He is currently batting.342 and has seven doubles, three triples, and 17 RBI. Javier has 11 stolen bases and an OBP/SLG/OPS.426/.479/.905. 

Rafael De Paula 

But what about pitching? The Yankees surely have more pitching prospects than hot names like Manny Banuelos or Dellin Betances. 

They sure do! 

One prospect is Rafael De Paula. This right-handed, 6’2″ and 212-lb hurler has been a dominant force in batters for NYY1 this year. 

De Paula uses a fastball in the upper 90s and is 5-1 with a 1.51 ERA over 35.1 innings. All season, he has allowed just six earned runs. He has also struck out 47 batters and walked just 11. De Paula is being hit by just.146 opposition. And De Paula’s WHIP–0.81. 

Christopher Cabrera, (P/NYY2) 

Christopher Cabrera, a Yankees prospect pitcher at DSL 2, is also an outstanding option. Cabrera, while not as dominant as De Paula has shown some improvement after his struggles in 2011. 

The 6’0″ 180-lb righthander is 4-1 and has a 2.59 ERA. Cabrera has walked 12 and struck out 28 in 31.1 innings of pitched. Cabrera’s 2010 DSL All-Star’s WIP is 1.12. 

It’s not bad for an undrafted agent. 

Bryan Cuevas 

Bryan Cuevas, like Tamarez is a skilled shortstop in the Yankees team. Although Cuevas is not as well-known as Tamarez Cuevas has been an impressive player for NYY2. 

This 18-year old was born in Dominican Republic but he graduated from St. Mary’s High School, Western New York as a dual threat shortstop/starting pitcher. 

Cuevas currently plays for DSL Yankees2. Cuevas has a batting average of.348 (48 for 138) and one home run. He also has 23 RBI. Cuevas is a player of impressive speed. He has nine doubles and six triples as well as five stolen pillows. His OBP/SLG/OPS score is.396/.522/.918 


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