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Janet Condra

Janet Condra came into the spotlight because she was the ex-wife from Larry Bird. Larry Bird is a top-of-the-line past American ball player. He’s thought of as possibly the most important part of the history of American B-ball.

Janet Condra

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Condra’s birthday date isn’t disclosed in public reports. However Condra was born into the world in Indiana, USA. She met her former spouse during Spring Valley Highschool. She was a passionate lover of Larry at the Lyceum. At the same time, Larry was one among the few driving scorers who did not have any issues with the ball. A couple of them were one of the schoolmates. Janet’s early days were beautiful and normal for an American girl in a lyceum.

Janet Condra Personal Life & Janet Condra Wife Larry Bird

Janet Condra’s story before she came across Larry bird was a bit basic. She graduated from lyceum at Spring Valley Highschool in Indiana. In that school, she was introduced to Larry bird and they fell in love with Larry bird. This makes them lyceum-lovers. Their wedding was in 1975, but it was not to last for more than an entire year. They separated on the 31st October of 1976. shortly after their divorce, Janet brought forth a girl known as Corrie Bird.

Janet condra

As she was a single parent, it was hard for Janet to raise Corrie on her own. Larry doesn’t acknowledge his daughter Corrie with a gentle way, which left Janet extremely irritated. She once claimed that ” she’ll protect Corrie from any harm but not from the pain caused by her father” after talking about a teenaged girl by herself without any other person, she dressed herself to be more sturdy and resolute.

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Birth Place Indiana, USA
Marriage Larry Bird
Nationality American
Occupation Celebrity Ex-Wife
Education Spring Valley High School
Ethnicity White
Relationship Status Divorced
Spouse(s)/Partner(s) Larry Bird (Ex-husband)

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Larry Bird Biography

Boston Celtics are forward known as “Larry the Legend,” who won three NBA MVP awards and three NBA Championships, and played in 12 All-Star games. He is widely recognized as to be one of the best basketball players of NBA history.

He was the all-time top scoring player during his time at Springs Valley High School in Indiana prior to his basketball playing career in Indiana State, where he was named the national player of the year in 1979.

After his retirement from the NBA He was appointed the basketball operations president of Indiana Pacers. Indiana Pacers.

He got married to his high school love Janet Condra after enrolling at Indiana State but then divorced her prior to joining the professional world. He then got married to Dinah Mattingly in 1989 . the couple has three children: two daughters with the names of Corrie as well as Mariah and the son named Connor.

He took home 3 NBA championships while playing with Robert Parish on the Celtics.

Top Facts You Did Not Know About Larry Bird

Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame is an museum for sports and a hall of fame located in New Castle, Indiana. While it is a tribute to the players and coaches of professional basketball during college, high school, and Indiana The emphasis is on the athlete’s high school profession, starting with. “Saturday fun pit

Net Worth

There’s no precise information on Corrie Bird’s worth. Her previous job was as an administrator at the AP&S Clinic but at present, Bird might be busy raising her children. In contrast her father Larry has an estimated net worth of $75 million , as per the celebrity’s wealth.

The nickname is Larry Legend, Bird was named the greatest Boston Celtics player of all time. Bird was a member of the Boston Celtics drafted him with the sixth overall selection during the year 1978 NBA draft. He played in the Celtics until his retirement in 1992. In addition, Larry served as head coach of the Indiana Pacers from 1997-to 2000

Janet Condra Relationship status

Janet Condra was Larry Bird’s better half. They strolled down the walkway in a little wedding service on November 8, 1975. Bird and Condra were cherished companions or something like that called darlings assuming you’re curious about how the ex-couple met. The two of them went to Spring Valley Secondary School.

Their sentiment step by step weakened, and the youth darlings separated. Following their split in mid 1976, they separated from on October 31, 1976. The past couple just had one kid together. Their little girl’s name is Corrie Bird. She was brought into the world on August 14, 1977, in Brazil, Indiana, in the US. Trent and Corrie Batson were hitched on May 17, 2008. Janet Condra is presently without an accomplice.
Then again, her ex, Larry Bird, is joyfully hitched to Dinah Mattingly. They wedded on September 30, 1989, following a 13-year partition from his past spouse. Brid and his subsequent spouse, Mattingly, had two youngsters: Mariah Bird and Connor Bird.

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