How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn

The frequency of lawn mowing depends on several factors such as the season, weather, rate of grass growth, and desired height of the lawn. Generally, you'll want to mow your lawn every **4 to 10 days**, or every **week**, or every **couple of weeks** during the growing season . You can reduce the number of times you cut in the fall or winter .

To create your perfect lawn mowing schedule you should become familiar with the factors that determine how often you should mow your own lawn. Consistently mowing your lawn also encourages new, better and stronger grass growth so your garden remains healthy all year round.

Here are some general guidelines to help you establish the optimum mowing schedule for your lawn:
- During spring: mow once every two weeks, especially during April and May.
- During summer: mow once a week.
- During fall: mow once every two weeks.