How To Get Rid Of Hickeys Fast

Hickeys are bruises that occur when someone sucks on your skin too hard, causing blood vessels to break. They can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Here are some ways to get rid of them fast:

1. Cold compress: A cold compress, such as an ice pack, will reduce the bleeding in the area, helping to remove the mark. This method is useful for newly acquired hickeys. Get some ice and wrap it in a towel. Then press it against the hickey for as long as you can handle it.

2. Heat: Just as you can use cold to get rid of a hickey, you can use heat in the same way. By using a hot water bottle or cloth soaked in warm water, you can increase blood flow around the hickey which speeds up the removal of clotted blood. This allows you to get rid of a hickey faster.

3. Aloe vera pulp: The thick, gelatinous pulp inside an aloe vera leaf may reduce inflammation, skin swelling, and pain.

4. Peppermint oil: This essential oil has a cooling effect that may help reduce swelling and improve blood flow.

5. Concealer: If you need swift and immediate cover, you can always play around with scarfs, collars, or turtlenecks. Concealer will work in a pinch too.